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Exotic and Persian

Breeder in Ohio 

Page Updated 06/11/2019

CH DesignPurrs Twila Delilah, born September 2016.

From DesignPurrs

Now two years old, and a champion, Twila has now bred and is proven. She delivered two perfect kittens of the black and white (males) variety, one long hair, one short hair. She has perfect DNA for DesignPurrs' program--- both of her parents are champions, Her grandma is a regional winner, she is a champion and her brother is an odd eye. Entrusted to GrandBee Cattery, Twila is expecting a litter of kittens this summer. Bred and sent to GrandBee, the Sire to kittens is KramKattens' Eye am an Odd Fellow. Skippy.

She has the best personality ever! Super sweet, loving, friendly, never has a bad behavior, just an all around perfect cat! She is an excellent, strong, healthy mother.